CHRONO AGE 24 H - Epigenetic protection of the skin's condition by regulating its biological clock


A properly functioning biological clock of the skin is a guarantee of its healthy, young and beautiful appearance. Healthy skin, acting in accordance with the biological rhythm, spontaneously increases its firmness and pH during the day to protect us from environmental threats, while at night it spontaneously intensifies the repair processes of cellular DNA.


A properly functioning biological clock is the maximum protection of the skin during our daily activity and its full regeneration at night.


However, the whole spectrum of light stimuli affecting our skin during the day (UV radiation, blue radiation emitted by electronic devices) and civilization external factors (chemical pollution of the environment - suspended dust, toxic heavy metals) destabilizes and disturbs the precisely programmed circadian cycle of our skin, causing oxidative stress leading to degeneration of skin cells, deterioration of its condition and premature aging.


The line of multifunctional face care cosmetics is a kind of antidote - it counteracts the biological effects of various types of civilization threats resulting from living in a polluted urban environment.


The name of the CHRONO AGE 24 H line - comes from the concept of chronological aging, which is a natural aging process dependent on our biological clock.


The biomimetic cosmetic base patented by the Bielenda brand, together with the active ingredients contained in it, creates a microscopic mesh on the skin surface that protects against the penetration of solid smog particles, which have a destructive effect on skin cells.

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