Bielenda cosmetics are appreciated by prestigious women's titles, have won numerous awards, such as: Perfection of the Year Twój Styl, Glammies Glamour, Prix de Beaute Cosmopolitan, Best for Beauty Uroda, Beauty Expert Uroda Życia, Elle International Beauty Awards, Best Beauty Buys In Style, Top Avanti, Product of the Year for Women's Health, Product of the Year for Men's Health, SuperProduct Świat Kobiety, Trendy Joy, SuperProduct Mam Dziecko, Golden Belly M jak Mama, Cosmetic of All Time wizaż.pl, honorable mentions for titles such as Przyjaciółka, Poradnik Domowy, Dobre Rady and more. Cosmetics are liked and appreciated by both editorial staff and readers of women's magazines, as well as by industry experts and B2B media such as: LNE, Beauty Forum, Wiadomości Kosmetyczne, Wiadomości Handlowe, Kosmetyki, Beauty Inspiration.


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